Policies & Procedures

The complete shipboard policies are available on the company intranet, Portholes, and from the Crew Manager and Human Resources Manager on each ship.

Code of Conduct

You received a copy of the Code of Conduct as part of your employment contract. Read and be sure you understand it. If you need another copy, ask the Crew Manager.

Complaint Procedure

If you have concerns or are experiencing difficulties on board, we recommend you first talk with your supervisor. You can also speak to your Head of Department, the Human Resources Manager, or (by appointment) the Captain or his deputy.

You can also report complaints or any areas of concern by phoning the Princess Cruises shoreside Legal department; submitting a report at www.carnivalcompliance.com or phoning the Carnival Corporation Compliance Reporting Hotline at 1-305-406-5863 (or extension 25324—CLEAN—if calling from the ship); or through any other established procedure. All complaints received by these means will be investigated.

Crew members on Bermuda-flagged ships may contact the Bermuda Martime Administration at complaints.bermudashipping@gov.bm.

Dress Code

Your uniform helps to create a good impression. The uniform, together with the appropriate shoes, are to be worn at all times when on duty. Your uniform is to be spotlessly clean and neatly fitting. It must also be properly pressed at all times and maintained in good condition. The only pins, buttons, and decorations that can be worn on a uniform are those approved by the company. Name badges are to be worn by all members of the ship’s company.

Please refer to the complete Dress Code provided as part of your employment contact.

Harassment and Retaliation Policy

Company policy mandates that no employee shall be subjected to harassment or retaliation. All employees must be treated with dignity, respect, and courtesy. Harassment or retaliation in the workplace or in connection with work will not be tolerated.

Internet and Social Networking Policy

When going online and especially when using online social networks, remember that you must not improperly disclose any information that is not generally known to the public or otherwise violate any terms of the Crew Agreement or company policies. Be sure you understand those terms and policies so you do not risk disciplinary action.

Passenger Restrictions

Passengers are not allowed in crew areas. Do not invite or allow guests to enter crew cabins, the crew/officers’ lounge or bar, or any area designated “for crew only.” Also, do not give your cabin number or personal information to passengers.

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