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Planet Princess and Operation Oceans Alive are our internal programs designed to protect, conserve, and recycle natural resources. At Princess Cruises, the environment is very important to us. Enjoying wonderful worldwide destinations is something we want to do for years to come, and to do this, we must be mindful of how we affect the environment.

There’s an Environmental Officer (EO) on each ship who works with the shoreside Environmental Operations team, Captain, officers, and all crew members to ensure compliance with environmental policies and procedures. In addition to their technical responsibilities, EOs serve as the point of contact with guests who raise questions about what Princess does to protect the environment.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is certified under the standards of the ISO14001. We must collaborate and coordinate to ensure we are always compliant. Our EMS regulates the fleet interactions with the environment and procedures on how to handle sensitive materials. It also runs consistent checks to make sure everything is being upheld to the standards of ISO14001. Please refer to the EMS manual on board for more information.

Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP)

Since 2014, we have proactively implemented many important fleetwide changes and enhancements to our environmental processes and procedures, all with the goal to improve our operations, compliance, and oversight.

For example, we completely restructured our entire fleet operations organization including new leadership. We also increased the scope and frequency of our training, and proactively invested millions of dollars to upgrade our equipment to new ship standards to ensure compliance with all environmental regulations.

Our Operating Line Compliance Manager (OLCM) is Paul McClelland, Vice President, Environmental Compliance. The OLCM has responsibility for implementation of the Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP).

Princess Cruises stands committed to environmental practices that protect our oceans. The marine environment is incredibly important to us and we are using this experience to further improve our operations. Under Operation Oceans Alive, we will move us beyond environmental compliance. It will help us always do the right thing for the air, the waterways, and the oceans where we sail, work, and live.


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided by the company and is to be worn by designated crew members for protection against risks to their health and safety. Examples of PPE include: eye protection, gloves, hearing protection, respiratory protection, safety harnesses, and safety helmets.

The maintenance, training, and use of PPE are enforced by managers and supervisors. However, everyone is responsible for wearing the proper PPE to maintain a safe and secure working environment.


Recycling of aluminum, food waste, glass, paper, and plastic is encouraged and expected of all crew members. Labeled bins are available in various working areas on each ship and are colored-coded as follows:

  • Blue label = plastic
  • Brown label = food waste
  • Green label = aluminum
  • Yellow label = glass
  • White label = paper

Other items—such as aerosols, cooking oil, electronics, and light bulbs—may also be recycled. Please refer to the onboard Waste Management guidelines or ask the EO.


The proper disposal of garbage and hazardous waste is a major contributor to keeping the world and our workplace clean and safe. All hazardous, special-regulated, and universal waste is managed strictly by our company policies. This includes the storage, labeling, record keeping, and disposal of waste.

No waste materials of any kind may be discharged at sea, except in accordance with environmental fleet regulations. Do not dump materials prohibited by Marpol Annex 5 or by national or local laws in which the ship is cruising.

Hazardous materials must be handled with extra care. Operators or users of hazardous material will be properly instructed on safe handling and disposal procedures, as well as operation of all equipment. They will be issued the necessary PPE.

Water Conservation

Whether you live and work on a ship or ashore, water conservation is incredibly important. Environmental Services recommends the following tips for all crew members to conserve water and help the environment:

  • Take four-minute showers
  • Turn off water when shaving or brushing your teeth
  • Report leaking taps
  • Turn off running hoses or taps

Reporting Incidents

When aboard a ship, immediately report any environmental incidents to your supervisor or Head of Department. Please share any general concerns or questions you may have regarding environmental issues to your EO. You can also file a report at or use the Carnival Corporation Compliance Reporting Hotline at 1-305-406-5863.

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