Crew Internet Service

Internet access is available to crew members on all ships, either at the crew Internet Café or via Wi-Fi on your personal computer or mobile device. Portholes, our company intranet, and other Princess websites are accessible for free. However, there is a small, per-megabyte fee for general access to the Internet. Discounts are available while ships are in port and during off-peak hours.

Internet access on board is provided via long-range satellite; so bandwidth is limited and data transmissions are slower than on land. Many of our ports in Alaska and the Caribbean have land-based antennas to provide faster connections when the ship is near these ports.

Please consider the following tips for better performance of the crew Wi-Fi network:

  • Use the Internet at night when guests are not online.
  • Use the Internet while in port to take advantage of land-based connections, where offered.
  • Avoid using the Internet on the first and last days of an itinerary when passengers are most often online.
  • Load only one application or website at a time, with no other Web browser tabs/windows open, downloads in progress, or Web applications running.
  • Avoid using the Internet when the ship is in heavy rain or snow.
  • Disable automatic app or software updates of your computer and devices.
  • Limit use of video calling services and other applications that use higher amounts of data.
  • Use the low-bandwidth, mobile, or text-only versions of favorite websites.

Crew members working on ships with MedallionNet, the best Wi-Fi at sea, can expect to experience faster and more reliable internet connections.

For help and more information about the Crew Internet Service, please speak with the Digital Communications Manager.

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