Pre-Boarding Checklist

This checklist of activities and tasks will guide you—from when you are hired to your first day on your new ship:

2–4 Weeks Before Joining

  1. Receive your Joining and Immigration letter, which includes:

    • Flight information.
    • Hotel information (if applicable).
    • Port Agent information.
    • Princess24 contact information.
  2. Review your travel information, confirm your flight departure date, and look for one of three options:

    • Welcome letter with transportation and hotel information.
    • Port Agent instructions to meet and arrange transportation to the hotel.
    • Port Agent instructions for transportation directly to the ship.
  3. Start to learn about Princess Cruises and Our Core Values.
  4. Once you receive your employee ID number and password, complete the mandatory Pre-Boarding eLearning courses. Click here to access, or check with your manning agency.
  5. Connect with us on social media. Note: You should complete the Social Media Policy training on board before posting any references to Princess on social media sites.

1 Week Before Joining

  1. Arrange for transportation to the airport.
  2. Review our suggested packing list and begin packing.
  3. Make plans to keep in touch with family and friends.
  4. Make sure your documents are in order.

1 Day Before Leaving Home

  1. Confirm your flight(s).
  2. Confirm transportation to airport. Plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure time.
  3. Prepare for the possibility of an overnight hotel stay. Meal vouchers will be provided at the hotel, if a hotel stay is required.
  4. Make sure your personal electronic devices are fully charged for airport security inspections.
  5. Collect contact information for your manning agency, Port Agent, and Princess24, which you may need during travel. Information about Princess24, our 24-hour travel help desk, is included in your Joining and Immigration letter.
  6. Make sure you bring your passport, visa, employee contract (two copies signed and dated), medical certificate, Joining and Immigration letter, and other required certificates. Pack these important documents in your carry-on bag.

Day 1 on the Ship

  1. If going straight from the airport to your ship, find the Princess representative and follow instructions for ground transportation to the ship. If you are at a hotel, meet in the hotel lobby for ground transportation to the ship.
  2. Arrive at your ship and meet the Human Resources Manager and other staff.
  3. Complete required documents and forms.
  4. Give your passport, visas, and Medical Certificate to the Crew Manager for safekeeping during your contract.
  5. Receive your Laminex ID.
  6. Receive your uniforms and any personal protective equipment (PPE). Review our information about PPE.
  7. Go to your cabin and change into your uniform. Follow the Dress Code included with your employement contract.
  8. Attend orientation. Review the new-hire training.
  9. Begin your first work shift.
  10. Ask any crewmember for directions, help, or other information.

Before You Join

Message from Jan Swartz

Welcome! We’re glad you’ve joined us as a new Princess Cruises employee. You’re now part of a team dedicated to working together to deliver exceptional customer service—both to our guests and each other. Continue reading

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