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As the world's oceans connect all of us, O•C•E•A•N and the OceanMedallion connect our guests to people, places, and cultures like never experienced before. It is about seeing the world and better understanding the connections that we all share.

With O•C•E•A•N, our guests can experience new cultures and explore destinations on an amazing vacation or at home through our stories.

Medallion Class Vacations debuted on Regal Princess in November 2017 and are the next wave of vacation travel. Medallion Class Vacations will be activated into spring 2018.


O•C•E•A•N is Carnival Corporation's One Cruise Experience Access Network. It is our innovative, new effort to expand the cruise market to new customers, exceed guest experiences, offer exclusive destinations, and create original media content. OceanMedallion and Medallion Class Vacations represent the shipboard guest experience of O•C•E•A•N aboard Princess Cruises.


Medallion Class Vacations allow guests to experience truly personalized and seamless cruises, and make the most of each precious moment during their vacations.

The OceanMedallion and Compass apps deliver personalization on a level never before considered possible. Guests can relax and enjoy the ride, knowing their every need will be handled effortlessly and efficiently.


The OceanMedallion is wearable technology that we provide free of charge to every guest on a Medallion Class ship. It is used to identify guests for payments, unlock stateroom doors, speed embarkation, and much more. Guests can wear their Medallions as wristbands, pendants, clips, or just carried in a pocket.


The Compass Collection is a suite of free apps our guests can download to their mobile device and use to create a personal, digital experience throughout the ship. Features of the Compass apps are also available on touchscreens throughout the ship and ultra-high-definition stateroom televisions. Guests use the Compass apps to enhance their vacations, select experiences, order food and drinks from anywhere on the ship, and create personalized schedules.

Guests are not required to have a personal device to access features of the apps.


Guests prepare for cruising by creating an “OceanReady” profile, which allows us to know their preferences, anticipate their needs, and provide the highest level of service possible.

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